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 I eat a LOT of steak and ground beef. Those are my go to foods. (Also bacon of course!) Lots of burgers with lettuce/portobello buns, smothered with cheese and some type of veggie on the side. I also sometimes make “taco shells” by baking various shredded cheese on parchment paper. I like making Keto friendly crackers this way as well! They are delicious! Doing Keto has taught me how to cook, it is so wonderful! My favorite meal is fried buffalo chicken tenders. (Which are not.. too high in fat, but they are delicious!) I use pork rinds as a substitute for breading. (I grind them up in the food processor with some paprika, salt, and pepper. Seriously just tastes like bread, my favorite thing ever.) Egg wash, dip in pork rinds, egg wash, pork rinds again, and then fry. I make my own buffalo sauce as well, and that is probably my most frequent meal on Keto, besides steak with bacon/cauliflour mash paired with grilled asparagus with a ton of butter. I also use the pork rinds to make fried avocado, which IS THE BEST THING EVER. My macros range anywhere from 60/30/10 to 70/25/5, which I find is my most common range. I follow them closely, but they aren’t always at an exact number!

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