Success story: Starting strength progress on a female

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Mainly, I focused on getting enough protein, usually 150-200 grams a day. I drank Whey protein shakes for the first couple months and then switched to BSN Syntha-6. Besides a multivitamin, I don’t take any supplements. Since I live in China, my food choices are somewhat different than what you might find in the States. I mostly eat eggs, chicken, pork, tofu, fruit, peanuts, almonds, spinach, tomatoes, yogurt, potatoes, rice, and noodles. I try to eat clean, but I usually have a cheat day about once a week where I will eat fast food, ice cream, or lots of carbs. I never drink alcohol or do drugs.

I did not follow GOMAD. I experimented with the Paleo diet and other low-carb diets for the first couple months, but I found my energy levels were very low. I started eating carbs again in April and was taking in about 2,000-3,000 calories a day. I then switched to Intermittent Fasting in May, taking in about 2,500 calories a day in an eight-hour window. IF is my favorite diet so far. I like IF because I tend to binge eat, so eating everything in eight hours works for me. It also prevents the late-night binge fests that I’m prone to.

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