Inspiration: Brendon Doherty, not motivated enough to train for the gym?

The main ideas I touched on were raw veggie juicing and green food supplements, along with all organic eating in an effort to create an extreme alkaline environment in my body where cancer was at an extreme disadvantage. I employed a low-protein, ketogenic-style diet that was roughly 70 percent powerhouse vegetables juiced to extract the beneficial raw enzymes and nutrients in mega-doses.

For a period of three months, I juiced approximately 10-15 pounds of vegetables per day, which came out to five 20-ounce servings throughout the day. A typical meal would be three ounces of organic-fed chicken, 20 ounces of fresh juice, and a plethora of spirulina/chlorella/chlorophyll-type superfoods. I incorporated a juice fasting day once per week on my rest days, preceding leg training. I found that a fasting day actually enhanced recovery immensely. This wasn’t a true fast because I was consuming 20 ounces of juice and 10 grams of BCAAs every few hours, but it was a huge relief to my digestive system, and it also cleansed my internal organs very well. The following day, when food was added back in, my energy and training pump was amazing.

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