How to eat keto for the Indian diet

Your breakfast should consist of 3-4 eggs with yolks. You can make omelettes or have it boiled, scrambled or poached. You can cook it in coconut oil, olive oil, butter or ghee if you want.

You can eat non-starchy vegetables like capsicum or chillies. No onions or tomatoes.

What can you eat for lunch?
1)Eggs(2-4) in any form with butter or cheese OR
2)200-300 grammes meat/fish OR
4)Low glycemic Vegetables, Butter milk or curd( full fat)

Dinner can be the same as lunch, skip the curd.

What snacks can you eat? Fistful of cashew nuts, peanuts OR 10 grammes butter/cheese.

VEGETABLES THAT CAN BE EATEN 1) French Beans 2) Capsicum 3) Lettuce 4) Jalapenos 5) Olives 6) Cauliflower 7) Cabbage 8) Brocolli 9) Cucumber 10) Mushrooms 11) All green leafy stuff like all palak

MEATS 1) Chicken 2) Fish 3) Lamb 4) Bacon 5) Ham 6) Beef

FAT ITEMS 1) Paneer 2) Ghee 3) Butter 4) Cheese 5) Mayonnaise 6) Ranch Sauce 7) Coconut Oil 8) Palm Oil

Shift to coconut oil or palm oil for cooking. It’s very good. Also, start using low sodium salt. Tata has it, use as much salt required you don’t have to reduce salt usage as low sodium salt has more potassium and less sodium. Potassium is needed to help you in not getting cramps.

Take 1 multivitamin tablet a day and 1 COD liver oil tablet if don’t take fish at-least twice a week.

Do not eat anything which has more than 5% carbohydrates in each meal. Make sure to have fat with every meal as it is your source of energy.

Butter/ghee: Full fat ie for every 1 gramme of butter/ghee you get 1 gramme fat.

If you follow it strictly for 4 weeks, guaranteed 8 kgs weight loss. Please, no cheating, no sugars, restrict carbs, no alcohol. It is difficult for 3 -5 days but once the body adjusts to changes it will be fine. You might feel irritated, headaches, little fever but all will go in less than 5 days. Unlimited black coffee/tea is allowed.

After first 4 weeks, changes will be made to diet. There is no restriction on calories. Eat only when you’re hungry and stop eating once hunger goes away. Healthy human needs 2000cals a day. Even if u eat 2200cals you will still lose weight but if you want to speed up weight loss then it has to be less than 1800cals. No starving, please.

This is a lifestyle change and not a one off thing. You will follow it for life but the level of strictness will change. You will definitely say no way I am gonna do it for life initially but once you are into it for 2 months, you will follow it without any external advice.

Weight has to be checked every single day with no clothes and maintain a log after using the restroom (if possible.) Omron has accurate weighing scales.

How do you test if you’re in ketosis?
Buy Bayer Keto Stix and see the instructions on the pack on how to test.

19 thoughts on “How to eat keto for the Indian diet

  1. Hello,

    Thank you very much for this is very useful…however , I would like to know what is the difference between keto & palio diet.

    Also, I drink bullet coffee as mentioned in many keto diet available includes, whipped cream & butter blended with hot water with this ok????

    Also milk is restricted in this diet, then how come curd can be taken???

    Plz help. I was actually finding it difficult to follow this diet with Indian foods.but your post is very useful & hopeful.hope to.hear from you.

    • Bullet Coffee is definitely a good choice during Ketosis. As far as Curd is concerned eatt only a little amount of it if only its full fat curd. Usually, I’d avoid curd on a keto diet.

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  3. Awesome detailed description.never thought ketosis would help so much.its 3 day and today my weight gone down by 2 kgs effortlessly that too eating………. FATS now are bestie to rely upon😂.love you fats n luv me 2😘.
    Now i am fully satisfied how exectly to eat and what all to eat.

  4. Hello paleoindia team!! I am 29 yr old female suffering from hypothyroid its quite under control but it resulted as obecity. Now i want to get rid of it. I go gym but its tough to loss weight without having any propr diet. Would u plz suggest me proper veg indian keto diet plan. I’ll b grateful of u. Thank you..

  5. The part of eating low sodium is incorrect.Rather it has been mentioned everywhere that since you lose out on a lot of important minerals it is advisable to increase your salt intake or have broth.

    • The post mentions eating low sodium salt. It doesn’t say “eating less salt”. One has to consume potassium too, and this comes in the form of

        low sodium salt


      I hope it is clear.

  6. I being a fiabetic with uncontrollable sugar and high bp wonder whether a keto diet is suitable or not! Need to shed 15 kgs because if my knee injury that does not allow me to walk or exercise

    • The keto diet was initially developed for diabetics! It’s absolutely the ideal diet for anyone with Types I, II diabetes. That said, if you take medication, make sure that you do this diet in consultation with your doctor. Most patients start going off their meds over a period of time as their diabetes goes into remission, but it’s crucial that people with such a serious medical condition do it in under medical supervision.

      Maybe ask your doctor to recommend a dietician/nutritionist who’s familiar with the keto diet so that they can guide you through it!

      Good luck to you!

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