I am a 3x year old male Bangalore resident.

Having done a lot of health/nutrition/exercise/bodybuilding reading and experimentation for the past few years in search of better health for myself, I thought why not give people the resources to make rational decisions for themselves with the help of good science?

I am no expert, just a student. I have gone through a decade plus of bad health before improving enough to be able to work/study/have a personal life. I decided that what I’ve learnt, I will share. Such a site had been on my mind for a while but finally decided to get working on it from the year, 2013.

I have followed the no-sugar low-carb debates and have seen many people benefit from that lifestyle that I am simply trying to understand what was I missing out on. One common thread was gluten-free and non-vegetarian food. Why do people need to get off gluten(my biggest query)? For those people who are suffering gastric and intestine issues, was going off gluten really the answer? And can you really be gluten-free in a country like India? I come from and live in a marwari family. Pure vegetarians. Community gatherings, friends, relatives and the household is vegetarian. You want to get married? Only a girl who’s vegetarian. When you are a vegetarian, do you really have much choice, especially in India about whether you can avoid gluten or not? What the f— is left to eat? Only god can save you. Except that god helps those who are willing to work at being saved. Jesus won’t come and do your sets for the day nor will he eat the eggs 🙂

The frustrations that have welled up in my mind and my search for a “solution” or cure to my stomach/health issues led me to read whatever I could lay my hands(and eyes on) and try and understand how do I go about trying to get back to living a “normal” life.

My readings did help me to some extent but also brought up new questions. This website is to share my learnings and also an attempt at a dialogue. More importantly, I share on this site what other people have successfully applied. They are ordinary people like you and me who have already done what you are looking to do.

The silliest thing in the science of health and fitness is attempting to apply the First Law of Thermodynamics to a system that poops.-bubbal