Corn vs Cow. Which uses less water and is better for the environment?

Nytimes had an article the other day but halfway through the article is what interested me.

Some already are. A few miles west of Mr. Yost’s farm, Nathan Kells cut back on irrigation when his wells began faltering in the last decade, and shifted his focus to raising dairy heifers — 9,000 on that farm, and thousands more elsewhere. At about 12 gallons a day for a single cow, Mr. Kells can sustain his herd with less water than it takes to grow a single circle of corn.

Can we see the difference? 9000 heads of cattle will eventually be food for nearly 18,000 families. Also, the heifers will provide milk and dairy products for the next 6-7 years atleast.

And, they use far less water than growing corn. Much of which is used to feed farmlot animals. Used for corn oil. Used for ethanol. All three of which you need to avoid.

Which reminds me of this post from freetheanimal about Allan Savory and his greening efforts.

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