Aaron Curtis: aspirational body

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What is your diet like?

Clean. I have to eat more calories than most people, currently bulking on 5400cals and I think my last comp prep only got down to around 3500. I eat all my carbs at breakfast/pre training/post training, other meals are more fats/proteins. I like the Paleolithic diet for general health, but as a bodybuilder, I also include a lot of starchy carbs around my training and grains at breakfast.

Current Bulking Diet:

  • Meal 1: 2 cups muesli, 333g low fat plain yogurt, 166g cottage cheese, 1 apple.
  • Meal 2: 250g kangaroo mince, 2 lettuce leaves, 1/6 avocado, 1/2 tomato, 1 celery stick,1 small mushroom, nuts, seeds, apple cidar vinegar, 30ml flax oil.
  • Meal 3: (Pre Workout) 2 cups brown rice (cooked), 270g tuna, lemon juice, sweet chili sauce, 1 banana.
  • Pre Training Shake: 15g whey, 5g BCAA, 20g dextrose.
  • Intra Training Shake: 5g BCAA, 20g dextrose.
  • Post Training Shake: 30g whey, 5g BCAA, and 40g dextrose.
  • Meal 4: (Post Workout) 200-250g chicken breast, 300-400g potatoes, salt and pepper.
  • Meal 5: UPS Pro Form (Meal Replacement).
  • Meal 6: 250-300 steak/chops, steamed veg/salad.
  • Meal 7: 4 eggs, 1/6 avocado, 90g tuna, 30ml olive oil, salt and pepper.