Additional news about the Freestyle Libre Pro

The Libre Pro is a waterproof button the size of a quarter that sits on the outside of the upper arm. It houses a tiny needle-shaped sensor that rests just under the skin, continuously measuring glucose levels in the interstitial fluid that bathes the cells. Users hold a companion device, or an Android phone, above the sensor to get an immediate reading; an arrow indicates if levels are rising or falling.

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To find a doctor and have the sensor installed in your city (in India) join this whatsapp group (phone required).

8 thoughts on “Additional news about the Freestyle Libre Pro

  1. Thanks, Raghav, for managing this blog. You are providing very useful information to people who need glucose monitoring. I heard from many people about NightRider BluCon from Ambrosia Systems which converts this FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor in to a continuous glucose monitor(CGM) and helps them saving hundreds of thousands rupees. CGM from Dexcom and Medtronic costs about 1.5 Lac Rupees and it is about 2 generation old in comparison to United States or Europe While NightRider which costs about 9000 Rs converts Libre Pro sensor in to latest generation CGM which costs 5-6 lacs rupees. Could you provide more details on that

    • Hi Ravi, I am using NightRider BluCon from last 18 months. I used it with FreeStyle Libre available in USA and FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor available in India. I bought it when I was in Los Angeles as Ambrosia( maker of NightRider BluCon) are based in San Francisco, My doctors in LA introduced me to Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre sensor and NightRider as he was very impressed with this combination due to quality and affordability. This combination brought down the cost of Continuous Glucose Monitoring to about $1500 while other options like Dexcom and Medtronic cost more than $5000.
      After I got a job in Mumbai I switched to FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor as FreeStyle Libre was not available in India. Also, price of FreeStyle Libre pro sensor is 1999 Rs. so my total cost for one year came down to less than $900 which is lowest in the world. I know several people in United States, Canada and U.K are using NightRider for several months and now I see many in India. Recently I purchased a second Waterproof version of the NightRider for my cousin from Ambrosia website and FreeStyle Libre Pro sensors from +91 9343598241

      • I’m also using Blucon for past many years and fully satisfied with the performance. The reason for adding Blucon in my life was to manage my diabetes which went fulfill. Sending reading every 5 minutes to the mobile is like no pain to carry reader and scan it to get readings. Alarms and sharing readings is another best feature of their app.

  2. I’ve been using Libre Pro Sensor for past 2 years but I always miss one thing that is alarm. I used to wake up during mid night because of LO glucose level. Suddenly I’ve to check with my sensor and with finger prick for double sure. Then I’ve to eat to come back in normal range but this all could not go long. I read many blogs and watch many videos for the CGM device which gives alarms. For last six month I’ve been using Blucon with my libre sensor which gives me reading every 5 minutes on my phone and watch without scanning my sensor. Most importantly it gives me alarms whenever my glucose goes out of range. I think this is the best combination.   

  3. I’m using Freestyle libre pro sensor for past few years but Readers are the big challenge in India. It hardly available. Few months back I came know about the CGM device Blucon nightrider which activates the libre senor and can extend the life of the sensor for another 14 days. I started using it and it worked great for me. Getting readings every 5 mins on phone and watch. Alarms are again the best feature of their app. It gives HI/LO alarms.

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