Zach Bitter Is An Ultramarathon World Champion Fueled By LCHF

You follow a unique diet protocol called Optimized Fat Metabolization or OFM. Explain how that works and how it plays into your training and racing.

I’ve been following OFM for about two years. It’s a program started by Peter Defty. It really revolves around the concept of when you’re training, you eat a high-fat, lower-carb, moderate-protein diet and you try to use carbohydrates strategically. If I’m training a ton, I’ll eat a lot of carbs, but still lower than what you would traditionally expect from a distance runner and then you really key in on the fats as the primary source of fuel. Then when I’m racing, like I did last week, if I bring back the carbohydrates, my insulin receptors are incredibly sharp and responsive to it. The day before a race, I’ll tend to eat a fairly big breakfast and lunch and then go a little lighter in the afternoon or evening. For example, the night before this race, I had some steak chili and a sweet potato and cottage cheese.

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