South koreans consume 55 kgs of seafood a year

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In 2012, South Korea consumed 6.1 million tons of marine products—including 1.1 million tons from foreign shipments—according to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Seoul.

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I thought Japan was a crazy consumer at 57 kgs a year(details in another post) but South Koreans eat twice the amount of seafood compared to the Japanese? That is some news.
And that figure is not including poultry, pork, beef etc.


Average Per capita consumption of fish in south korea(50 million population)
6,100,000 tonnes= 6,100,000,000 kgs/50,000,000 people=610/5=122 kgs/person per year.

122×1000 grams/365 days = 334 grams or 0.73 lbs per person per day. Mind blowing

I’m slightly suspect of the numbers but will try to verify it from other sources.

The actual figures are closer to Japan’s at 55 kgs per year. 40kg of fish and 15 kgs of seaweed.

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