WSJ: A Chef’s Recipe for Getting Fit

Most days, Mr. Trabocchi works from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., bouncing among restaurants. His alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. so he can be at the gym by 6 for a 45-minute training session five days a week. “The busier I am at work, the more important it is to get in my workout,” he says. Mr. Cowie also gave the chef a diet tutorial. “AC told me that the less I ate sugar, carbs and dairy, the less I would crave them, even if I was around them all day at work,” he says. He took a hard look at his diet, cut out baked goods and stopped adding sugar to his espresso.

Additional news about the Freestyle Libre

The Libre is a waterproof button the size of a quarter that sits on the outside of the upper arm. It houses a tiny needle-shaped sensor that rests just under the skin, continuously measuring glucose levels in the interstitial fluid that bathes the cells. Users hold a companion device, or an Android phone, above the sensor to get an immediate reading; an arrow indicates if levels are rising or falling.

Glucose-Sensing Contacts and More Brilliant Diabetes Tech

CGM vs Flash Monitoring in Diabetes With Hypoglycemia Unawareness-Medscape

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What they eat: PV Sindhu, silver medalist at the 2016 Olympics

Bhat recalls an experiment from 2012 when Gopichand went on a Ketogenic diet, popular in the US then, for a whole year just to check if his players would be able to take it. That was right after tennis star Novak Djokovic made it popular; Gopichand restricted his own intake to just 8-10 things permitted by the diet chart. “He read and researched, and checked it on himself, going into training aiding recovery and fitness. He could have beaten all the active Indian players at that time, he became so fit,” Bhat says, laughing. But he dropped the idea when he realised his players, whose every morsel he monitors, might not be able to take it.

How coach Pullela Gopichand gives his players what he himself never got