How do you fully use the Abbott Freestyle Libre?

If you are a diabetic in India and do not have the resources to pay for a CGM (continuous glucose monitor), then this post will help you understand how to manage your diabetes without spending too much money on these devices. Your cost for each FPM will be about Rs 4500 1999.

First FPM
When you get your first Libre monitor, do not change your diet and exercise.
Maintain a food and exercise diary and note the timings of your meals, exercise and when you take your insulin/medications.

2nd FPM
Before using the 2nd FPM, go to to a gym/ yoga instructor/exercise professional and join some class to get into better shape/build muscle, lose some fat.
Once you have enrolled, use the 2nd FPM after a month. This will give you an idea of how exercise can control your blood sugars.

3rd FPM
Before using the 3rd FPM, go to a nutritionist/informed doctor and get a low-carb diet advice. A few days after you start the low-carb diet, use the 3rd FPM. You will get a good idea of how exercise and low-carb help your body manage diabetes.

4th FPM
Give a time gap of 2 months between your 3rd and 4th FPM.
Before you use your 4th FPM, ask your nutritionist/doctor for advice on a keto diet.
Switch to a keto diet 5-6 days before using your 4th FPM.
Since you burn fat and not glucose on a keto diet, you will now be able to see how stable your blood sugars are. You will also need to adjust your medications once you’re doing keto.

At the end of using your 4th FPM, you will have an excellent idea of how diet and exercise affect your blood sugars and you can accordingly make the appropriate lifestyle choices that will keep your blood sugars in the normal range.

Additional news about the Freestyle Libre

You can inquire about the sensor availability through this whatsapp link (phone required).

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