Are you a vegan? A view from former vegans

Came across an interesting account of a former vegan.

And from Alex Jamieson (the girlfriend of Morgan Spurlock, of Super Size Me.) other news, hope this couple remains healthy.
Vegan is hard enough. Raw vegan? They already look..malnourished.


Mortality lower due to higher consumption of saturated fat?

There was an interesting post concerning consumption of saturated fat and mortality. And the numbers are quite stark. There may be more meat eaters in Punjab and Haryana(might be a tad bit lower in Tamil Nadu) but saturated fat consumption is higher in these two states(Punjab and Haryana.) This saturated fat consumption is primarily from dairy products.

There are few data on regional variations within India. Malhotra showed that mortality from CHD differed between employees of Indian railways across railway zones. The rates were lowest in Northern areas (20/100 000), higher in Eastern and central areas (50/100 000 and 63/100 000, respectively) and highest in Southern areas (135/100 000).

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