A review of the Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitor

I have had for some reason(not yet diagnosed), frequent episodes of low sugar without being a diabetic for over a decade now.

In March 2015, I went to an endocrinologist recommended by a friend, saw the doctor’s reviews on practo.com were decent, set up an appointment.

After a few consultations with the doctor, I was recommended to try the Abbott Freestyle flash glucose monitoring system to figure out what was actually going on with my blood sugars.

Abbott launched the Flash glucose sensor in India in Feb 2015. Was one of the first few patients who got to trial it out.
The cost at the time was Rs 4500 for the sensor (Update- MRP of the sensor is Rs 1999) The reader (Rs 5000) is separate and is usually owned by the doctor or medical rep.

How do you set up the Freestyle Libre?
Open the box, attach the sensor to the applicator and attach it to the underside of your upper left arm. It remains attached for 2 weeks, after which it stops taking readings.

While it is attached, it takes readings every 15min and stores it. Once you want to download the readings, you bring the reader close to the sensor and all the data is downloaded to the reader. You can view the readings on the reader itself or transfer it to the computer. That’s it.

This is so much more convenient than attaching a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) to your belly for 2 weeks and having to calibrate it every day or so.

Even when attaching the monitor to my upper arm, I thought it would be painful but in fact, I didn’t hurt at all.

The FPM is actually accurate. Most readings were within 5-10 % of actual readings(checked with a glucose monitor (Bayer Contour TS.)

The glue on the pad that attached to your skin can cause allergies to some people over repeated usage.

Rs 4500 for every 2 weeks of monitoring might not be affordable to most people in India unless you are independently wealthy or your insurance company is paying for this(which I doubt.)

Update (April 2017)- The price of the Freestyle sensor is Rs 1999 (for end consumer).

To find a doctor and have the sensor installed in your city, use the contact form and I will send you the details. Please remember to mention your contact phone number.

You can now call/sms/whatsapp to purchase the sensor Ph: +91-93435-98241

If you are diabetic and want to understand how to make full use of this flash glucose sensor using the monitor possibly just 3 or 4 times (total cost Rs 8,000), I have made a post on how to do so.

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